Best sports cards to invest in 2022

Sports card collecting has become an incredibly lucrative enterprise in 2020 as 13 cards have sold for over $1 million, with one Honus Wagner collector’s item soaring to a monumental $6.6 million price tag. Enthusiasts around the world are seizing this unique opportunity and reaping astounding profits from their investments; some having purchased these valuable assets mere years ago!

With sports memorabilia investing, the stakes are high – and so too could be any potential rewards. Capitalizing on this trend has led to outrageous profits for investors lucky enough to discover lucrative opportunities in cards or autographs before anyone else does – sometimes raking in over a million dollars!

Best sports cards to invest in 2022

Mickey Mantle cards

The 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle card is considered one of the most valuable sports cards ever produced and its value continues to soar. Consistently in demand, this card can fetch as much as $2 million for a perfect condition copy.

LeBron James cards

His rookie cards continue to skyrocket in price with many grading at near-perfect levels now selling for over $200,000.

Tom Brady cards

With his success continuing in the 2020 season, now is the time to invest in Tom Brady cards from early in his career. His 2000 Playoff Contenders Championship Rookie card currently holds an estimated value of $150,000 and is sure to increase further due to a likely Hall of Fame career.

Shohei Ohtani cards

After his massive success in both the pitching and batting departments, now is a great time to invest in Shohei Ohtani cards. His 2017 Topps Bowman best Chrome Prospect Autograph card is currently valued at $20,000 and is sure to increase significantly with further success on the field.

How to spot undervalued sports cards

To invest in is a well-hidden secret. But with some research and knowledge of the market, one can easily make astute investments that yield lucrative rewards.

For best sports cards to invest in 2022, investors should consider iconic players from past decades as these tend to hold their value over time and often carry high price tags due to their rarity. Autographs and memorabilia of legendary players such as Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, Wayne Gretzky and Babe Ruth are always popular choices and can be highly lucrative investments.

Another way to identify best sports cards to invest in is by researching the market for upcoming rookie card releases. These cards typically feature current stars or future Hall-of-Famers, often increasing in value significantly over time.

Finally, investors should always be on the lookout for unique opportunities such as cards printed in limited numbers or those related to extraordinary events. For instance, special editions produced after major milestones are especially lucrative investments due to their rarity and collectability.

Investing in best sports cards has become a popular pastime and a lucrative endeavor for many investors. With some research, knowledge of the market and an eye out for opportunities, any investor can seize this trend and reap astounding rewards!