We can Help

In our program, you have access to a professional who can tailor financial coaching based on your unique goals, needs and motivations. You and your coach will work together to co-develop a plan to help you take action towards financial goals. Our program takes a holistic and individualized perspective of each client and views each as being self-directed, resourceful, and creative problem solvers.

What are your financial goals? Our coaches are ready to support you in reaching your next level, whether that’s buying a car, starting your own business, saving for college, or taking the trip of a lifetime.

Managing Debt

Debt can be overwhelming. Many Americans today face bills they can barely pay. Is it time you developed a strategy to get out of debt? Understanding how to manage your debt and work toward paying it down are areas where a financial coach can help.

Improving Credit Records

Have you ever considered what bad or poor credit may be costing you? It may be more than you think. A poor credit record can result in you being denied employment. You could face barriers to renting an apartment or buying a home. Financial coaches can help you understand where your credit score comes from and be there as a guide to support you while you make a plan to improve your credit record.

Accountability and Support

A financial coach can be your accountability partner while you strengthen your financial muscles. You will be supported while you learn the necessary steps to achieving your financial life goals.

Preparing a Spending Plan

Does your money run out before you get to the end of the month? If the answer is yes, you may be losing sleep worrying about how you will keep a roof over your head or food on the table. This a burden you can share with your financial coach. Together you determine the best options for putting together a spending plan.