Meet Our Financial Coaches

Below are all our coaches ready and available to help you. Our coaches have flexible schedules and can meet in person, by phone, or through video conference. Select a coach's profile below to learn more about them.

Cliff Hoppman Img +

Cliff Hoppman

Sierra Vista, AZ

Deran Tolbert IMG +

Deran L. Tolbert

Little Rock, AR

Valencia Brown IMG +

Valencia Brown

California Locations

Jazmin Perez Garibaldi IMG +

Jazmin Perez Garibaldi

Alhambra, CA

Kay Wade IMG +

Kay Wade

California Locations

Elizabeth Fulgaro IMG +

Elizabeth Fulgaro

Various locations in Northern CA

Dominique Reese IMG +

Dominique Reese

Compton, CA

Veronica Lopez IMG +

Veronica Lopez

Los Angeles, CA

Lucia Trujillo IMG +

Lucia Trujillo

Oxnard, CA

Liz Foster IMG +

Liz Foster

Colorado Springs, CO

Jerry Zeigler IMG +

Jerry Zeigler


Jason H. Simpson IMG +

Jason H. Simpson

Washington, DC

Schane Coker IMG +

Schane Coker

Miami, FL

Mark Howell IMG +

Mark Howell

Jacksonville, FL

Patricia Bennet IMG +

Patricia Bennett

Sanford, FL

John Smith IMG +

John Smith

Tampa, FL

Edna Forero IMG +

Edna Forero

West Palm Beach, FL

Deneen Edwards IMG +

Deneen Edwards

Marietta, GA

Pamela Draper IMG +

Pamela Draper

IL Locations

Michael LeClear IMG +

Michael LeClear

Fort Wayne, IN

Doug Harris IMG +

Doug Harris

New Orleans, LA

Wyneca Pruett IMG +

Wyneca Pruett

Baltimore, MD

Joseph Connors IMG +

Joseph Connors

Ellsworth, ME

Gabriella Barthlow IMG +

Gabriella Barthlow

Clinton Township, MI

Don Fulton IMG +

Don Fulton

Minneapolis, MN

Meghan Gardner IMG +

Meghan Gardner

St. Louis, MO

Elaine Harrison IMG +

Elaine Harrison

Gulfport, MS

Shannon Griffin IMG +

Shannon Griffin

Jackson, MS

Nadia Mayora IMG +

Nadia Mayora

Jacksonville, NC

Jack Hogston IMG +

Jack Hogston

Omaha, NE

Christopher Martin IMG +

Christopher Martin

Concord, NH

Megan Sather IMG +

Megan J. Sather


Caitlyn Kano IMG +

Caitlyn Kano

Las Vegas, NV

Elishia Townsend IMG +

Elishia Townsend

Camden, NJ

Rhonda Sherwin IMG +

Rhonda Sherwin

Brooklyn, NY

Paula Mucci IMG +

Paula Mucci

Patchogue, NY

Steve Schanely IMG +

Steve Schanely

Watertown, NY

Lori Mann IMG +

Lori Mann

Akron, OH

Gwen Riase IMG +

Gwen Riase

Cleveland, OH

Laura Orbash IMG +

Laura Orbash

Columbus, OH

Catherine Pate IMG +

Catherine Pate


Alex Shokrian IMG +

Alex Shokrian

Portland, OR

Terry Johnson IMG +

Terry Johnson

Folsom, PA

Marco Capaldi IMG +

Marco Capaldi

Providence, RI

Dennis Hern IMG +

Dennis Hern

Waipahu, HI 96797

Alfreda Salters IMG +

Alfreda Salters

Memphis, TN

Sarah Ayler IMG +

Sarah Ayler

Nashville, TN

Faithy Wren IMG +

Faithy Wren

Houston, TX

Lisette Perez IMG +

Lisette Alverio Perez

San Angelo, TX

David Sherman IMG +

David Sherman

San Antonio, TX

Stacy Livingstone-Hoyte IMG +

Stacy Livingstone-Hoyte


Christopher Lilley Img +

Christopher Lilley

Lakewood, WA

Donna G. O'Connor IMG +

Donna G. O'Connor

N. & E. King County, WA

Charles Woods IMG +

Charles Woods

Seattle, WA

Susan Taylor IMG +

Susan Taylor


Rick Jarvis IMG +

Rick Jarvis

Charleston, WV