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Take control of your financial life

We have financial coaches around the country who specialize in working with veterans of all ages. They can help you plan and take steps to reduce or eliminate debt, build your credit record, pay bills on time, save money for life events, or transition from military to civilian life.

A financial coach is a trained professional who will guide you in a process that is non-judgmental and based on your goals. Financial coaches provide support, encouragement, accountability, and tools to help you make informed decisions.


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Why Have a Coach?

Going through a transition? Ready to make a change? Interested in reducing stress? A financial coach can help with all of these and more.

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Our Coaches

Can connect you with resources that are helpful for any transition, whether leaving the military, going back to school, or dealing with changes to your work or family.

Are you eligible?

If you are a service member or a military family, eligibility includes:

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Service members who have separated or retired from active duty.

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A Guardsman or Reservist Member not currently on active duty.

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A widow, widower, or child of a service member who died on active duty.

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"In the few months that my coach and I have been working together my confidence level has increased tremendously. It took one meeting for us to review my credit and to make a difference in how I felt. I learned more in one session then I have in my life." - CLIENT
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"Our local coach is a valued and much needed partner. We have actively engaged her office to tackle some of the most pressing issues facing veterans in our community." - PARTNER
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